What is ThermoShield?

ThermoShield coatings are thermo-reflective ready to use paints with endothermic effect available in various colour shades. ThermoShield coatings have a wide range of uses mainly in the construction industry. It is possible to apply them to almost all kinds of surfaces, both in exterior and interior. Unique properties of ThermoShield coatings ensure optimal thermal comfort and pleasant climate in all buildings. ThermoShield helps to save heating and air conditioning costs and effectively protects facades and roofs from the harmful effects of adverse weather conditions.

  • ThermoShield coatings are available in more than 4,000 colour shades, are durable and colour-stable.
  • ThermoShield coatings are suitable for application in interiors and exteriors of residential buildings, historical buildings and technological facilities.
  • ThermoShiled prevents the growth and formation of mould and algae.
  • ThermoShield coatings, due to their properties, greatly prevent aging and weathering of building structures.
  • ThermoShield is non-flammable, waterproof and environmentally friendly.
  • ThermoShield has very high permanent reflectivity – it reflects back up to 86% of the sun’s radiation to the space. It reduces energy costs – on heating (up to 29%) during winter and on air conditioning during summer.