ThermoShield TopCoat

ThermoShield TopCoat is an industrial coating ready for use on technical constructions such as reservoirs, pipelines, trams, container and steel constructions. It is based on the thermal ceramic coating technology.

The spreading capacity of ThermoShield TopCoat is approximately 600 ml / m² regarding an efficient minimum coating thickness of 500 µm on smooth surface of low porosity. The spreading capacity will vary according to the structure and porosity of the surface. If in doubt, a small test area should be applied first. To optimize the energetic efficiency of thermal shielding in summer, a thicker coating layer may be necessary, depending on climate and surface.

Key facts about ThermoShield TopCoat

  • cooling
  • heat protection
  • protection against contact
  • material protection
  • temperature constancy
  • protection against corrosion
  • economic operation
  • high amortisation
  • protection against heat radiation
  • economic application
  • high resistance to aggressive environmental influences such as smog and ozone
  • variable in diffusion
  • free of emissions and solvents
  • high UV and weather resistance
  • very high colour durability
  • low flammable B1
  • thermally comforting
  • reflective waterproof
  • expendable