ThermoShield Nature

Wood, one of mankind’s oldest building materials, can be used constructively as well as decoratively in construction. Wood has a permanent place in the construction field today due to the large application diversity and the fact that it is a renewable raw material. This results in a need for high quality and economical wood coatings.

ThermoShield Nature is a high-tech coating for all non-dimensionally wooden building elements on the exterior. It is made up of millions of microscopically small ceramic balls, that are evenly embedded into a high quality binding agent.

Wood is a capillary organic surface that needs to be protected of too high humidity and too much drying out. Only then the swelling and shrinkage behaviour of wood can be reduced.

Thanks to the ThermoShield membrane-function ThermoShield Nature can build up such an active protective coating for the wooden underground. The capillary transport of moisture from the wood can be ensured by the humid-adaptive behaviour of ThermoShield Nature. In addition the absorption of humidity prevents the wood of drying out. The wood can hold constant humidity compensation over the years, which reduces cracking by swelling and shrinkage behaviour.

The ceramic bubbles in ThermoShield Nature reflect a particularly high proportion of sunlight. Furthermore, the ceramic causes a rapid distribution and dissipation of incident heat radiation. Due to the light reflection and the distribution or respectively the dissipation of heat radiation, the wood can not be heated that much, as also humidity can be stored in the ThermoShield Nature layer, which re-evaporates at high outside temperatures. The lower heating and the resulting evaporative cooling lead to thermal calming of wooden structures and cracking inside the wood is reduced. The ceramic portion in ThermoShield Nature makes the coating resistant against dangers of the environment. Smog, acids, salts, ozone, seawater and UV-rays can harm it little. The high resistance to environmental stress is the guarantee that the ThermoShield coating can fulfill its protection for a long time. The use of high-quality raw-materials gives ThermioShield Nature coating a high elasticity and high adhesion to the surface. The combination of elasticity, adhesion and resistance decreases the aging process of the wood coating and hence of the wood in an almost ideal way.