ThermoShield Exterieur

Durable facade coating

ThermoShield Exterieur is, as well as other ThermoShield coatings, based on the function of thermo ceramic membrane. The coating is suitable for almost every type of foundation in exterior. ThermoShield Exterieur, together with ThermoShield StuccoTex, can be used for both winter and summer heat protection.

Application of ThermoShield Exterieur to facade of a building does not only benefit the visual site of the building, but also contributes to longterm protection of the construction. ThermoShield coatings, due to their unique energy saving properties, are able to improve the overall energetic evaluation of the building.

Effects on the energy balance of a building

The brickwork is dryer and thus acts as an excellent storage area for heat, because only a dry coat can keep you warm. Therefore, the building needs to be heated less, as the “brickwork storage area” has enough heat stored, which is only depleted slowly.

Basic characteristics of ThermoShield Exterieur

  • The coating is highly resistant to aggressive environmental effects such as: smog, ozone, acids, salts and UV rays.
  • It offers efficient protection from bad weather – rain, snow and hail.
  • It prevents aging and weathering of buildings, exhibits high colour fastness; it is difficult to ignite and it also reduces heat.
  • It has a very high permanent reflectivity – reflects up to 86 % of sunlight back into the room. It is free of vapours or solvents.


Mainly used as façade coatings. ThermoShield Exterieur is applicable to lime plaster, drywall, concrete, brick and wood.


Binder – high-elastic acrylic resin
Filler – hollow ceramic microspheres (containing inert gas)
Pigment – white titanium dioxide or other pigments

Long-lasting protection for the outside walls – against environmental factors and in all kinds of weather

The sun and warm air allow ThermoShield Exterior to quickly establish effective protection against the penetration of rain water. The excess moisture in the outer walls quickly evaporates thanks to ThermoShield’s coating function.

The high resistance against environmental factors such as smog, acids, salt and ozone as well as UV-rays, safeguards the elasticity and prevents cracks caused by embrittlement or deterioration over a long period of time. Stress cracks are noticeably reduced as the thermal protection helps to prevent the building materials from expanding and contracting.

Sustained Protection for the outside walls against environmental factors and in all kinds of weather

ThermoShield is weather resistant in heavy rain, hail and snow. In this way, the coating keeps the building materials dry thereby reducing the risk of the outer walls turning green, which is often the result of recurring condensation. Due to its high ceramic content and the prevention of moisture build-up on the surface, there is no breeding ground for mould, mildew or moss when using ThermoShield Exterior. Therefore, there is no need for environmentally unfriendly or harmful toxic products. Rot in or on the brickwork is avoided, as the coating reduces the moisture in the walls to equalised levels.

ThermoShield Exterior is made in such a way that it will function properly for many years despite all environmental and weather conditions it has to contend against. The climate with its seasonal fluctuations offers the basic conditions necessary for ThermoShield’s coating to execute its energy saving and protective actions again and again.

Even a house needs air to breathe

Just like our skin, the ThermoShield coating covers a larger surface and allows the layers underneath to breathe sufficient air. “Artificial respiration” of buildings caused by air-conditioning can be reduced or completely stopped. This not only saves money; it also reduces the risk of the inhabitant catching a summer cold. ThermoShield coating increases the efficiency of the brickwork insulation without sealing it off. This is an important advantage over other measures for reducing heat, which often seal off the brickwork, thereby suffocating it (or even drowning it in the worst case scenario).

Outside and inside walls remain like new – even after many years

ThermoShield prevents electrostatic charges on coated surfaces and stops dirt particles from sticking to the surface. Should there be some dirt on the surface after a few years, with the combination of ceramic and highly resistant base you can easily clean all coated surfaces with water or you can even use a high-pressure washer. Thus, ThermoShield Exterior assures a longer than average color retention and consistent color brilliance.