About TechnologyStar

TechnologyStar Ltd. is a dynamic company focusing on cutting edge technologies in the field of civil engineering and construction. The company was founded in 2010, in order to further explore and focus on the possibilities of energy efficient solutions for construction and facility management, and to introduce these to the Czech market.

TechnologyStar Ltd. aims to provide facility management services and associated economic, financial and marketing consultancy. The company specializes on capital construction and services, economic and technical evaluation of the operational efficiency of buildings. The company caters for the needs of professionals in many different areas – engineers, architects, energy auditors and others in the field of facility management, but also the general public.

TechnologyStar Ltd. actively collaborates with scientists and experts on research, with the aim to provide the cutting edge technologies and make sure the products used are environment friendly, effective and energetically efficient.

ThermoShield®, thermo-reflexive coating, is used as one of the main solutions for majority of projects due to its versatility, durability, colour stability and resistance to chemicals and water. ThermoShield® paints create an ideal permeability surface membrane for advanced protection structures and have almost 30 year long history.

TechnologyStar Ltd. provides the following services:

  • Energy-efficient and cost-effective façade systems
  • Treatment of damp walls
  • Reconstruction of historic buildings
  • Interior energy-saving coatings
  • Energy-saving coatings for wood
  • Thermal insulation plaster
  • Energy-saving coatings for roofing and metal construction
  • Comprehensive services for reconstruction