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What can the disinterested man act like a miracle, it was for many years a physical reality for a total of 135 shuttle mission into space. Heat shield with a thickness of several centimeters defended sensitive outer shell of the spacecraft before the incredible thermal differences between several hundred degrees of frost and high temperatures, resulting from the return to Earth’s atmosphere. On the one hand, a 2000 ° C, on the other hand, sensitive equipment, devices, and especially people who find themselves seemed close to hellfire.

How do engineers from NASA this masterpiece succeeded?

The whole secret lies in a hollow ceramic tělískách specially developed for this purpose, which in itself closed vacuum. It is here exactly the same technology, which is the basic principle of our products. If you then take this ceramic hollow body and combines them with an extremely solid dispersions,
again developed specifically for this purpose, and add other substances, such as activators, we get in a figurative sense, liquid ceramic tile with fascinating properties, the endothermic effects. The potential contained in these small balls is remarkable and at the European level, there is no one who had more experience with manufacturing and selling these termokeramických special surface layers, with research, development, and even with these technologies.


Termokeramická membrane with an endothermic effect is a real solution to the problem in various application areas, both in the cooler, and hot areas.

But – as primer helps the 0.3 mm thick on the outside of the shield building to save energy?

The answer is unequivocally – YES.

Products based termokeramických membranes offered by SICC COATINGS represent a cost effective and simple way applicable energy saving measures that can be performed both in the exterior and interior of the building. Pan-European studies show clearly that using COATING from SICC, depending on how you use the building actually possible to save energy.

The effect in the form of energy saving and editing room climate based on a number of physical effects. Ceramic bodies increase the volume of surface. One m2 membrane about 0.3 mm thick comprising 150 m2 surface of the beads. This increases the ability of the building to transmit moisture outwardly. Due to rain or high humidity can membrane of the fourth swell and prevent the ingress of moisture. For outdoor use, it means that the dry wall insulate better than wet. On the outside of the ceramic membrane prevents penetration of moisture into the masonry below the diaphragm. On the other hand, permanent capillary structure ensures that pulls the moisture out of the wall. It is this property causes that our products are particularly suitable for the repair of old buildings. Additionally, there is an effective balancing of temperature fluctuations and uniform temperature distribution on the facade. This in turn subsequently prevents cracks and the associated moisture. No cracks additionally indicates no growth algae and moss.

A complete range of products offered SICC COATING interior does not shed or in the application or subsequently allergenic or harmful chemicals. The diaphragm separates the supplied energy quickly and evenly over the entire surface again as it gives a nice radiant energy. This prevents cold spots, the room temperature distribution is uniform, so it can be in continuous operation to reduce both the heating. A side effect of addition is that due to the temperature control enabled by the characteristics of the product, significantly prevents unpleasant convection and the formation of mold.

Membrane system is configured so that the air humidity in the room is around 55%, ie a value that is beneficial for human health. The condensate formed at high humidity in the summer months using the membrane so that the air is cooled by evaporation, so it works just as temperatures in subtropical climate free. These effects are documented in more than 40 European-wide reports and analyzes the independent German and European scientific institutions, such as the report of the Fraunhofer Institute for common ground, and process engineering, and many other scientific institutes.

After opening in 2003, the company began to develop rapidly. SICC is represented worldwide and strengthens the development and sale of termokeramických membrane technology with an endothermic effect throughout Europe and aims to expand to the whole world. Self-employed contractors in virtually all European countries by selling directly in specific locations outside of Europe are then strategic partners who build their own functioning struktury.Technickou care is provided by the company itself SICC.

The brand ThermoShield for corporate customers, which is the European market already in place, and for their own brand SICC Coating – Climate Activ Point outside Europe, the SICC Coating is moving towards rapid development. Training and skills of users, there is another clearly stated aim, and is everyday reality of society. Modern marketing is direct address directed to different target groups and ensures lasting success.

SICC constantly exploring new fields of application and market desirable products, so that in the future we can expect the new fields of application and other innovations. In the future it will be the technology that many people in hot and cold climates, allowing to save energy, and using significantly less investment than hitherto with conventional insulation measures possible.

In the future, the SICC in the most successful countries to introduce the production of these technologies, the company can actively work on the spot and respond more flexibly to market needs. The future belongs to innovative products and concepts brand SICC Coatings.

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