What must ensure that allergy sufferers?

Allergy has many causes. But one can be excluded with a high probability – that causes allergies and material ThermoShield. Unlike many of interior dispersion paints contain little ThermoShield no volatile organic compounds, such as plasticizers or solvents. The coat does not shed during application or after any harmful substances or other chemicals which are known to cause allergies.

On the contrary! Just three effects ensure that allergy sufferers can breathe without fear:

  1. With glass-ceramic hollow microparticles with the room temperature is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the walls. It can effectively prevent convection currents and thus swirl house dust.
  2. In rooms balances the ceramic surface TS distribution of heat evenly, so there is no formation of cold spots, where the condensate is formed. In addition, however, can hold large amounts of moisture and quickly cast it again.
  3. When applying the product on the outside of the wall due to the surface of glass-ceramic microparticles material ThermoShield improves the ability to bestow moisture outwards and will remove the basic living conditions induce allergic mold.
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