We can paint save energy?

It sounds incredible, but tests carried out in practice have shown that the use of paint ThermoShield to cool down, as the night the temperature drops,  or returning from leave, they can quickly heat up and it also can keep the temperature more. 

When applying the product to the outside wall surface of the vitreous due to bulky microparticulate material ThermoShield improves the ability of moisture deposited building outwards. Dry wall insulate better than wet and additionally have high storage capacity. Under these circumstances, it can really save on heating costs. In continuous operation, you can set the heating to significantly lower values. Ceramic glass surface divorces due to microscopic bubbles glass-ceramic heat over the entire surface. 

It is also interesting that ThermoShield returns the supplied thermal energy as radiant heat back into the room. This is a much nicer way than when that happens detour through the heated air.

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