What do anti-sprouting surface algae?

Algae, fungi and mosses appear, again and thanks to them again fast facade looks very bad. The growth of algae is caused by moisture in the walls and on them, such as on the windward side. Fragile surfaces are then ground for the amazing growth of these unwanted organisms. Now with insulated houses sprouting algae appears indeed very often.

What is the help?

Insulating materials have a very small capillary ability to transport moisture and heat can be stored only in a very limited extent. This leads to the formation of condensate and even greater moisture resistance. Clean neporostlých walls can be achieved without the use of chemicals or in need of renovation.

ThermoShield solves this problem at the 3 pages:

  • First: Supports the capillary transport of moisture from the walls to the outside.
  • Second, the membrane prevents the penetration of moisture into the wall that is behind it.
  • Third ThermoShield prevents the formation of cracks during extreme temperature fluctuations.

Due to the high proportion of glass ceramic material in TS heat from solar radiation spread evenly over the walls. This prevents appearance of fine capillary cracks, which are the best ground for the emergence of unwanted vegetation.


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